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January 11, 2023

Whether you're a brewpub or a craft brewery, regular maintenance is an integral part of the brewing process. It can help you brew the best beer, reduce the risk of accidents and pollution, and avoid expensive repairs. Most importantly, it helps avoid dealing with big problems at the worst possible time.


With a few preventative maintenance tips, you can ensure that every brewing day, fermentation period, and packaging process runs smoothly.

1.10 Tips for maintaining brewing equipment

1)Do not use cl- cleaners or disinfectants.

2) If you do not plan to use your brewing equipment for a while, be sure to clean the equipment thoroughly. After the water has cleared, close the valve. Also, clean the brewery equipment thoroughly before using it again after prolonged use.

3)The heat exchanger should be disassembled and cleaned after long-term operation or long-term use. Do not use a metal brush when cleaning. Do not bend, twist, step on, or squeeze the heat exchanger plate. Replace the aging gasket in time.

4)Check motor, pump connection and grounding regularly to ensure proper connection. Check reduction motor and Oil level of hydraulic device, Add lubricating oil regularly according to the instructions. Check regularly for stirring and tightness of rake fittings.

5) All pumps used shall not be idled or reversed, If leakage is found, replace the sealing ring of the pump in time.

6) Check regularly whether there are foreign material and impurities in the grain miller hopper, check the tightness of the miller drive belt and the reliability of the safety protection device, clean the grinding roller regularly.

7)Check pressure gauge and safety valve of steam heating brewing equipment regularly, ensure that the trap is unblocked; Do not start heating until the specified level is reached. steam, wort and other high temperature pipes and brewhouse equipment running, Warning signs should be hung on the top to prevent burns.

8) When filtering, do not extract wort in large flow and it can be damaged sieve false bottom! When the brewing equipment is not in use, heavy objects shall not be placed on the net board, to avoid deformation of the mesh plate. Keep all mechanical parts running smoothly during operation.

9)Always check plate heat exchanger for leakage, leakage and liquid flow phenomenon, Repair immediately if necessary.

10) Always pay attention to the concentration of alkali water in the alkali tank. If the concentration of alkali water is too low or too cloudy, it should be replaced in time for washing.

11)Check all pipeline and valves at all times. If leaks are found, repair or replace them immediately.

2. 7 Tips for Maintaining the beer fermenters/beer unitanks

Beer fermenter is widely used in beverage, chemical, food, dairy, flavoring, brewing, pharmaceutical and other industries, play the role of fermentation.

1)The inlet pipe and outlet pipe connection are leaking, When tightening the joint still does not solve the problem, Packing should be added or replaced.

2) The pressure gauge and safety valve should be checked regularly. If there is any fault, it should be replaced or repaired in time.

3) When cleaning the fermenter, please brush it with a soft bristled brush, do not scratch with a hard tool to avoid damaging the fermenter surface. 

4)Supporting instruments should be calibrated once a year to ensure normal use.

5)Do not contact water or steam directly with electrical equipment, meters, and sensors to avoid moisture.

6) When the brewing equipment stops using, it should be cleaned in time, Drain the remaining water in the fermenter and the pipeline; Loosen the fermenter lid and hand hole screws to avoid distortion of the seal ring.

7)If the fermenter is not used for the time being, the fermenter needs to be emptied, drain the remaining water in the tank and the pipeline.


I hope the above suggestions will be helpful to you. If you have better suggestions for maintaining brewing equipment, please contact with us, We are happy to learn.


1.Can NFE customize the brewing system by customer's requirement?
Yes, we can. NFE can customize the tanks by customer's special requirement, such as special height,diameter,ports postion and size,etc. NFE can make the control panel by UL, CSA,cUL,CE,etc.
2.Which countries is the main market of NFE?
NFE main exported market is America, Canada, Belgium, Sweden, Netherland, Norway, England, New Zealand, Australia,Japan,etc. We have supplied brewing equipment for more than 1200 microbreweries.
3.How will NFE do if some parts are broken within the warranty date?

NFE will post brand new parts without any hesitate to you by air. We can guarantee that you can get the new parts as soon as we can. If it is very urgent and you can get the parts in you location right away, you can get it locally and we will afford the cost.


1.NFE supplies turnkey brewing system with all the necessary equipment and fittings. We can help customers make the business plan, make affordable proposal solutions, make drawings and layout,manufacturing, shipping,installation,training,lifetime service,etc.
2.NFE has an excellent engineering team to provide the best solutions for breweries. Each year our engineers will go for visiting our customers in America,Europe,Australia,etc to have a technical meeting face to face and get some feedback. These feedback are the most important points for us to make our quality and services keep going.
3.High efficent services. Our engineers already got American,Canadian,European VISA. They can go for the installation immediately.

4.Well known of the requirement standard of brewing system,especially in America,Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand,Japan,etc.We know well of the requirement of UL,cUL,CSA,CE,etc.

About NFE

NFE Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional designer and manufacturer of high-quality complete craft beer brewing system and packaging line in China. Since 2000,NFE is established and starts to design and make the excellent microbrewery solution and vessels for American and European microbreweries. We always supply one complete service with excellent quality and affordable cost to create the best value for each customer. NFE owns an experienced and efficient Tech-team. We will design your brewery, starting with business plans, customized equipment that fits your needs, AutoCAD Drawings for tanks, facility and utility layout and pipelines, installation and training on site, etc. NFE team has provided engineering services for more than 500 microbreweries all over the world. We can install the whole project and training on site. We are proud of supporting lifetime support beyond the warranty date! Deal is only the start of cooperation between NFE and you. Our Real Purpose is to help you set up the brewery and we grow together! Welcome to visit and cooperate with NFE. High-Quality brewing equipment makes your high-quality craft beer!

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