Benefits of a 2 Vessel brewhouse system VS. a 3 Vessel brewhouse System

March 02, 2023

A brewhouse is the heart of any brewery and is responsible for producing the wort, which is the liquid that is fermented into beer. A brewhouse system typically consists of several vessels, including a mash tun, lauter tun, brew kettle, and whirlpool. There are different types of brewhouse systems available, including two-vessel and three-vessel systems. Here are some benefits of each system:

Benefits of a 2 Vessel Brewhouse System:

1.Space-efficient: Two-vessel brewhouse systems are typically more space-efficient than three-vessel systems, as they combine the mash tun and lauter tun into a single vessel, known as the mash/lauter tun.

2.Cost-effective: Since two-vessel systems have fewer vessels, they can be less expensive to purchase and install than three-vessel systems.

3.Energy-efficient: Two-vessel systems can be more energy-efficient since the heating process can be optimized for the mash/lauter tun and brew kettle, respectively.

Benefits of a 3 Vessel Brewhouse System:

1.Flexibility: Three-vessel systems offer more flexibility during the brewing process, as each vessel can be dedicated to a specific stage of the process, allowing for more precise control over the process.

2.Quality control: With more vessels comes more control over the brewing process, which can lead to higher-quality beer.

3.Increased capacity: Three-vessel systems can be designed to accommodate larger batch sizes, making them ideal for breweries with high production demands.

Ultimately, the choice between a two-vessel and three-vessel brewhouse system will depend on the specific needs and goals of the brewery. Small breweries with limited space and production demands may benefit from a two-vessel system, while larger breweries with more demanding production schedules may prefer a three-vessel system for increased capacity and control. Our 2-vessel brewhouses are the most purchased configuration consisting of a combination mash and lauter tun and a kettle and whirlpool vessel. From there you can explore a 3-vessel configuration by either separating the mash and lauter or kettle and whirlpool to a dedicated vessel.

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