What Is Included In A Turnkey Brewery Project?

April 07, 2023

A turnkey brewery project typically includes everything needed to set up and start running a new brewery, from the initial design and planning stages to the installation of brewing equipment and the launch of the first brew.

The specific components of a turnkey brewery project may vary depending on the size and complexity of the project, but generally include:

Consultation and planning: This stage involves working with a brewery design and engineering team to create a detailed plan for the brewery, including the layout of the facility, the type and quantity of brewing equipment needed, and the necessary permits and licenses.

Brewery design: Some turnkey projects also include assistance with brewery design, including layout and equipment selection.

Brewing equipment: This includes all of the equipment needed to brew beer, such as fermenters, brewing kettles, mash tuns, and kegging systems. The specific equipment required will depend on the size of the brewery and the desired brewing capacity.

Utility Systems: This includes equipment for heating and cooling, steam generation, water treatment, and waste management.

Installation: Turnkey brewery projects typically include the installation of all equipment and utilities required for the brewery.

Testing and Commissioning: Once the equipment is installed, it is tested to ensure it is working correctly and meets the required specifications.

Training:Turnkey brewery projects often include training for brewery operators and staff to ensure they know how to operate and maintain the equipment.

Support and Maintenance: Turnkey brewery projects often come with ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the brewery continues to operate efficiently and effectively.


Overall, a turnkey brewery project is designed to provide a complete solution for anyone who wants to start a brewery without having to navigate the complexities of designing and building a brewery from scratch.

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