What Types Of Bright Beer Tanks?

September 14, 2023

Bright beer tanks, also known as conditioning tanks or maturation tanks, come in various types and configurations to meet the specific needs and scale of a brewery. Here are some common types of bright beer tanks:

1. Horizontal Bright Beer Tanks: These tanks have a horizontal orientation, and they are often cylindrical or oval-shaped. They are commonly used in smaller breweries and brewpubs and are designed to fit in smaller spaces. Horizontal tanks can be stackable, allowing for efficient use of limited floor space.

2. Vertical Bright Beer Tanks: Vertical tanks have a vertical orientation and are typically taller than horizontal tanks. They are often used in larger breweries and industrial settings. Vertical tanks may have a conical or dished bottom for yeast and sediment collection.

3. Non-Jacketed Bright Beer Tanks: These tanks do not have an external jacket for temperature control. Instead, they rely on external temperature control methods, such as glycol jackets on the fermenter or an external cooling system.

4. Stackable Bright Beer Tanks: These tanks are designed to be stacked on top of each other to maximize space utilization. They are often used in smaller breweries with limited floor space.

5. Custom Bright Beer Tanks: Some breweries opt for custom-designed bright beer tanks to meet their unique needs, such as specific sizes, shapes, or features.


The choice of bright beer tank type depends on factors such as the brewery's production capacity, space constraints, budget, and brewing processes. Each type of tank has its advantages and is suited to different brewing operations. Regardless of the type, bright beer tanks play a crucial role in clarifying, carbonating, and maturing beer before packaging, ensuring a high-quality finished product for consumers.

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