I already have a cold water tank. Do I need a glycol tank?

October 24, 2023

If you already have a cold water tank, the decision to add a glycol tank to your brewery setup depends on the specific requirements of your brewing process. A glycol tank is typically used for temperature control in various parts of the brewing process, such as fermenters, serving tanks, and cooling jackets. Here are some factors to consider:

1.Fermentation Temperature Control: Maintaining precise temperature control during fermentation is critical for producing high-quality beer. If your brewery uses fermenters with cooling jackets, a glycol chiller system may be necessary to circulate glycol through these jackets to regulate the fermentation temperature.

2.Serving Tanks: If you have serving tanks for your finished beer that need to be kept at a specific temperature, a glycol system can be used to achieve this.

3.Cold Liquor Tank: Your existing cold water tank may supply cold water to various parts of the brewing process. However, if you need to maintain temperatures below the freezing point, glycol might be used in conjunction with the cold liquor tank to prevent freezing.

4.Heat Exchangers: Some breweries use heat exchangers to rapidly cool wort after boiling. A glycol chiller system can help supply the necessary cooling capacity for these heat exchangers.

5.Size of the Brewery: The size and scale of your brewery operations can influence whether a glycol system is necessary. Smaller breweries may not require a dedicated glycol system, while larger operations often do.

6.Budget and Efficiency: Consider your budget and the level of temperature control and energy efficiency you wish to achieve. Glycol systems can be energy-efficient and provide precise temperature control but come with a higher initial cost.

7.Consult a Brewery Expert: It's recommended to consult with a brewery equipment specialist or engineer who can assess your specific brewery setup and recommend the appropriate equipment, including glycol systems, to meet your needs.


In many cases, microbreweries and larger breweries use glycol systems to control temperatures in different parts of the brewing process. However, the specific configuration and whether you need a glycol tank alongside your cold water tank will depend on your brewery's individual requirements and production processes.

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