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    NFE Brewing Solution has been building craft breweries for over 18 years. 

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    We have successfully supplied different sizes of brewing equipment and complete systems from 1BBL to 330BBL for over 500 microbreweries in over 40 countries. 

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    we sign long cooperation agreement with the biggest steel factory in China and POSCO in South Korea to use their excellent food grade SS304 2B material. 

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    Each component is made by American and European standard, such as CE, UL, CSA, etc. All the tanks inside is treated by pickling passivation before shipment for keeping the perfect sanitization and easily cleaning!


The OEM process for brewing beer equipment of NFE is a comprehensive and collaborative effort that requires expertise in custom designing,engineering, manufacturing, quality control, and customer support to deliver a high-quality and fully functional brewing system tailored to the client's needs.​​​​​​​

  • Technical Communication
    Technical Communication
    1The process begins with thorough technical communication between the brewing equipment manufacturer and the client. This involves understanding the client's specific requirements, such as brewing capacity, heating way of the system,brewing process specifications, tanks dimension, building/facility dimension, budget, and any custom features or modifications needed for the brewing equipment.
  • Equipment Design and Engineering
    Equipment Design and Engineering
    Based on the technical requirements gathered from the client, the manufacturer's engineering team creates detailed AutoCAD and 3D drawings and designs for the brewing equipment. This includes the layout of the brewing system, utility list, the specifications for individual tanks such as fermenters,brite tanks, mash lauter tuns, kettle, Hot liquor tanks, Glycol tanks, and boilers, as well as the integration of automation and control systems if required.
  • Production and Manufacturing
    Production and Manufacturing
    Once the designs of the brewery systems are approved, the manufacturing process begins. This involves the procurement of high-quality sanitary stainless steel and other materials, precision machining of components, welding, polishing and assembly of the brewing equipment according to the specifications outlined in the designs. Advanced manufacturing techniques, such as laser cutting and robotic welding, may be employed to ensure precision and efficiency.
  • Quality Inspection and Testing
    Quality Inspection and Testing
    Throughout the manufacturing process, rigorous quality control measures are implemented to ensure that each component and the final assembly, control system meet the highest standards. This includes dimensional checks, material inspections, welding and polishing measure, pressure testing for vessels. Control panel will be strictly tested to confirm the correct work of the programming and each button, sensor, flowmeter, pump, etc. Any deviations from the specifications are addressed promptly to maintain the integrity of the equipment before packaging.
  • Packaging and Shipping
    Packaging and Shipping
    Once the brewing equipment has passed all quality inspections and testing, it is carefully packaged to prevent damage during transportation. The packaging is designed to withstand the rigors of ocean shipping and to protect the equipment from environmental factors.
  • Installation and Commissioning
    Installation and Commissioning
    Upon arrival at the client's facility, the brewing equipment is installed and commissioned by a team of skilled technicians from the manufacturer. This involves positioning of each tank,connecting the various pipelines, testing the functionality of the equipment, and ensuring that it operates according to the client's requirements.
  • Training and After-Sales Support
    Training and After-Sales Support
    As part of the OEM process, the manufacturer provides training to the client's personnel on how to operate and maintain the brewing equipment. Additionally, the manufacturer offers LIFETIME after-sales support, including technical assistance, spare parts supply, and maintenance services to ensure the long-term reliability and performance of the equipment.

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